Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Ghetto Lodz

Hospital for Contagious Diseases
74 Dworska St. (Matrosengasse) today Organizacji WiN Street

Until September 1942, the Home for the Aged and the Homeless Shelter were located in this building. After the deportation of the elderly during the so-called "shpera", a hospital specializing in the treatment of contagious diseases was set up here. Polish children afflicted with typhus at a youth camp on Przemyslowa Street were routinely treated here in late 1942 and early 1943. The writer Arnold Mostowicz, who contracted typhus while working as a medic in the ghetto, spent many months at this site. The building is now an apartment block. It is hard to believe that people had once been cured here during those ghetto years.

Yesterday a new contagious diseases hospital was opened at 74 Dworska St. Before the evacuation in September, the Home for the Aged was located there. The hospital, designed for 300 beds, has already admitted 180 patients. This institution is of great importance for the sanitary condition of the ghetto, since the hospital facilities in Marysin are rather primitive: small wooden houses that are not connected to each other and without a sewage system. At the moment, those facilities will still be used because the typhus epidemic is not over. No one knows if the new hospital at Dworska Street proves sufficient; the question is if they manage to get the epidemic under control.
The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, October 31, 1942, p. 331.

Rumors about a reported planned deportation of the sick, and the groundless information on introducing a 4 p.m. curfew, are absolutely not true, and have resulted in numerous unreported cases of contagious diseases since the sick are afraid of going to the hospital. That is why I have ordered the doctors to report every case of a contagious disease and to place the sick in the hospital by all means. Those doctors who evade this duty will be immediately deprived of the right to perform their profession and will be recorded on a special list.
The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, November 7, 1942, p. 351.

On December 1, there were 206 patients in the contagious diseases hospital. Since the typhus epidemic is letting up" the number of patients was only 164 on December 15. The following cases were recorded within those two weeks: abdominal typhus - 64 cases; para typhus - 1 case; tuberculosis - 6 cases; tuberculous meningitis - 1 case; dysentery - 1 case; spotted typhus - 1 case.
The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, December 17, 1942, p. 437.